The Life and Times of TAOTBB

Living in the Northeast now makes things interesting.  For the last several years, I have missed cold weather more and more.  To be honest, I don’t like digging my car out of the snow when we have a storm.  I do love the cold weather, the snow, and the light winds.  I have no problems dressing for the weather, even if it does mean more laundry.

When I walk outside, I am reminded why I missed this weather.  The clean taste of the wind, the brush of cold over my cheeks when I am all bundled up, and the pleasure of watching the snow fall.  I know it’s not all fun and games, though.  I don’t like driving in slush (it’s slicker than snot), having big trucks and SUVs try to intimidate me in my little car, and driving on ice is just stupid.

I am lucky because my current job can be done from home.  So my boss makes the call (like he did yesterday morning), and I get to stay bundled up in my apartment (in my jammies, of course) and still get my job done.  It’s not optimal, but it is a great option when the weather gets really ugly.

So that’s work and weather.

The class I am taking for my bipolar is fascinating but hard.  I’m a little behind, but I hope to catch up over the next couple days.  Learning to determine my state and function during an episode would be a great thing.  Like I said, though, it’s not easy.  Being unable to answer the questions clearly makes it hard for me to continue.  It’s the perfectionist in me.

Other than the class, I need to work on my apartment in the worst way.  I don’t have anywhere to store things, so my clothes are all over the place.  I need to get a bunch of hangers.  I hate having to since I left a ton of them back in Texas.  That’s the other thing.  I had to leave so much behind, I am finding that I miss certain things.

I thought I brought one of my favorite books (The Deed of Paksennarion omnibus by Elizabeth Moon) and my favorite movie (Dune – theatrical release).  Sadly, it looks like neither one of them made it up here.  Those I might need to ask to be sent up here.  If they can be found among everything I left behind.  And if they weren’t donated.  I would have to cry since neither one is easy to replace.

Since I don’t currently have internet, I can’t get into too much trouble.  😉  So I keep my phone, Kindle, and Nook charged so I have plenty to read.  My comp does have a few movies on it, so that’ pretty cool.  I am managing to keep myself entertained, even when I cannot go outside.  I do want to get healthier, so I am trying to eat better.  As well, I might enter a weight loss challenge at work.  I’m not sure about that one yet.  Part of getting healthier for me is doing my PT exercises again.  I need to go online to find some of my old ones, especially since I have several different bands now.  Since I don’t mind the cold as much as many, I might start walking.

One of the reasons I need to get my apartment situated is because I am debating getting a dog.  If I do, I’ll have to get a prescription because my complex doesn’t allow pets.  I might just wait until October when my lease expires and move to a different complex.  It would be easier if I did that.  That would also allow me to get into a slightly better situation financially.

My car will be paid off soon, so that’s less money going there.

Of course, my school loans will be starting back up again soon.  I put them on deferment for the move.  I also need to find some sort of financial/legal advisor regarding my medical bills, too.  I would like to start paying on them, but I’m really not sure where to start.  It would be so much better if I could consolidate them like you can with credit cards.

So there are 2 things I need and one thing I want to get the apartment situated.  My first priority is a bed.  I am currently sleeping on a very nice air mattress.  Sadly, it’s sprung a leak twice already.  (Thank you, brat, for the silicone sealant/glue.)  My next priority (and this may happen first just for cost reasons) is storage/shelves.  There’s a Habitat Restore nearby and I should be able to find dressers and such for reasonable prices.  The want is a bean bag couch or lounger.  They aren’t horribly expensive, but they do look comfy.  [FYI, I pulled the links just for the description, etc.  I do not support any specific online retailer.]

Group therapy is going well.  I think we have a pretty good group pulled from all walks of life.  This is done through a community clinic, so you really do get all-sorts.  Sometimes I feel odd coming in there with my heavy suede winter coat and work clothes.  I wonder if people think I am weird or don’t belong.  Then I remember they aren’t my target audience.

Well, I think that is enough of an update for right now.  I’m trying to do better about writing here.  I do want to do more communicating with others.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 3, 2015.

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