Thinking Long and Hard About 2014

So many things have changed for me in the last year that I am debating starting this blog up again.

I have taken many strong steps toward taking better care of myself:

1. Sought better assistance with my joint, back, and neck issues.

a. Two separate physical therapists and a chiropractor.

b. I now have a definitive diagnosis of arthritis in my cervical spine and loose/weak/stretched ligaments in my feet and hips.

2. To help with the back and neck, I finally had the breast reduction surgery I’ve needed for years.

a.  Immediate relief, even while recovering from the surgery itself.

3. Started a serious job search within the company.

4. Moved 2000 miles to take a new position with a significant raise.

5. Working on getting more stable and taking care of my bipolar and anxiety.

a. Started group therapy in the new locale before the end of the year.

b. Am now starting an online course to help me deal with my bipolar (2015).

So looking back on the last year, there have been so very big changes in my life.  Although they haven’t all been positive (I had my worst PTSD episode/anxiety attack in years), I’m hopeful that any and all positive momentum can continue and be shared with others.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on January 12, 2015.

One Response to “Thinking Long and Hard About 2014”

  1. Self Improvement is hard, and you’ve done things that have taken serious courage. I’m very proud of you.

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