Spending time with good friends.

Well, I am currently sitting here with a hard cider and spending time with H, T, and R.  Of course, we all have computers/tablets in front of us, but that just makes us true geeks/nerds.  [Yes, I am aware that alcohol and my meds are not the best combination, but one drink is fine for me.  I never have more than one.]

Work has been stressful since the whole attendance issue is still a problem.  I have started a Linkd-In account (with H’s help) because a new job is certainly something for me to be looking for.  I honestly believe this manager hates me and is trying to get rid of me.  I question him ,and I think this makes him feel threatened.  As H said sarcastically, “I just need to stop being such an uppity female.”  *sighs*  Sadly, I think the man believes that.  So…job hunting truly needs to commence.

Oh!  I almost forgot, I id get the FMLA info from my dr and it was accepted by my HR people.

Otherwise, I am doing okay.  Went to the outlet mall down here and found a dress for my brother’s wedding.  Mom recommended nice pants but…the dress is casual, bright pink, eyelet lace, and only cost $8.  I figure a long sleeve sweater with thick tights and a decent coat should make it all work.  I just love color and wanted something fun.  No matter what, I’ll be able to wear it here afterward.  And I’ll bring something else as well, probably.

Well, that’s a quick update.  I’ll try for a more in-depth one soon.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on October 13, 2013.

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