Advocating for myself

I haven’t posted in quite a while because work has been a little crazy.

The first thing is that I am still at my initial building.  I still have to change locations, it’s just going to wait until the beginning of May.  The raise idea is still in formulation, and I am still fighting for it, as is my previous boss.  I am really proud of myself for advocating for myself in this.

I also came up with a business-type plan for the structure of my job.  They were saying they wanted something, but what they were building wasn’t going to work in any way to give them what they wanted, nor what I understood the client wanted.  They wanted my experience in customer service, so I gave it to them.  🙂  I gave them the plan yesterday.  The initial response was positive.  Part of the plan was to change my hours, so I will be going to 1-10pm starting Monday.

I cannot explain to someone that hasn’t been where I am, but I am SO PROUD of myself!  I never stand up for myself at work when it comes to management.  I put my issues on the table from the beginning of this.  I have also taken the initiative to propose a solution to what will become a serious problem before it does so.

I am not demanding everything from them without returning anything.  In my plan, I am primarily responsible for the queries.  I have a secondary that covers the morning and my vacations, and I have an escalation contact in my supervisor.  Otherwise, it all falls on me.  I am willing to take the responsibility as long as I am compensated for it.

I realize the amount of stress I will be under, but this is the type of work I excel at.  There’s a reason some of the people at my medical call center job called me the asshole-whisperer.  LOL!  I could deal with a lot of doctors and patients that the others hated.  If my work environment stays supportive, then I think this could be one of the best moves for me.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on March 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Advocating for myself”

  1. Huzzah for you. And the more you calmly, rationally stand up for yourself, the more folks will get to meet the self-empowered person that you are.

  2. You go! It’s a big deal to make a concerted effort to take a stand. Hopefully you will reap awesome rewards.

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