Short Post.

Just wanted to do a quick update about my neurology appointment.  To begin with, the doctor seems like a really nice guy who listens.  He did a neuro exam that I had a couple odd responses to when it came to facial responses on the right versus the left side.  He’s not horribly concerned, but he is ordering an MRI of my head.  [So I will have proof I have a brain!]

I don’t do well with MRI’s, so I always have to be medicated.  Since I don’t have anything like the screaming heebie-jeebies, I am fine in a regular MRI with the medication.  It does mean that I cannot drive myself to and from the procedure.  I am not happy about having to miss work, but I have no other option.  I am going to try and schedule it on a Friday to make the recovery easier for me.  Especially as I should be able to do it down close to my Dad and spend the night there.

So there’s the quick update.  Oh!  And just for fun, the doctor told me the reason I woke up when taking the headache/nausea med was because it *always* kicks RLS (restless legs) into high gear.  Would have been nice if someone had told me that.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Short Post.”

  1. Good luck, TAOTBB! I am going out of town on Thursday and will be gone 10 days. I’ll be looking for your posts. My sister is having a baby and I am going to San Francisco to help her out with stuff, especially taking care of the older nephew. I’m sending you good vibes. Hang in there!

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