Talk about not wanting to go to work!

Not because I am depressed, but because I am exhausted from a long and busy weekend.  I feel like I could fall back to sleep any minute.  I have a few minutes to decide, but I need to call my boss ASAP if I am going to call in.  My body is sore and I feel a bit off-kilter.  Even though most of the reasons are good, and the situation is my fault, I am trying to weight the guilt against taking care of myself.

And after some thought, I decided taking care of me is a little more important right now. We are coming up on EOQ and I don’t want to get sick going into that!  Although I am trying to save my holiday time, sometimes, you just have to take a day for you.  Just because this was a great weekend doesn’t mean it wasn’t stressful.  So I am going to spend the day recovering, part of which will be getting back on a decent eating schedule (part of the reason I feel not so great) and back on schedule with my meds (another part).

I will let y’all know that I met up with someone from OKC this weekend and went on two dates with him.  He’s a really nice guy and lots of fun to be around.  We have no problems keeping a conversation going, which is a wonderful thing.  The second date had a friend there for most of it because it was at my apartment.  So she met him and approved.  Things are going well,  but we are both in the mindset of taking things slow.  So we are still in a wait and see holding pattern, but there’s a lot of hope there.  If nothing else, he and I will (hopefully) turn out to be great friends.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on July 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Talk about not wanting to go to work!”

  1. Good for you!! Exhausted huh? lol

  2. I’ve been absent for a while, for which I apologise, and have been stupidly catching up backwards… but I just wanted to say that I’m pleased for you, and you’re right: keeping yourself healthy should come first!


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