Not bad…Not bad at all.

So therapy went well.  My therapist and I discussed the reasons that I hadn’t been back and why I kept forgetting to call her.  We came to the conclusion that I am much more level and balanced, which means I don’t really need to see her as often.  I am a firm believer in therapy as a great part of treatment.  When you get to the point that your meds are set and you are level and not having to deal with a dangerous amount of stress, though, it might just be time to think about tapering down or even off therapy.

That is not to say that I won’t need therapy in the future.  And I do have an appointment to see her in a month to check in and decide where I am then.  But I love the fact that she is perfectly willing to both keep in contact and let me go.

I started this last night, then got busy and didnt finish it.  Beyond therapy, I’ve had other clues that I am doing well.  A bad part of me doing better is that I forget to take my meds.  I have added an additional alarm to my phone in the hopes of increasing my adherence to a good schedule.  As well, I will probably ask for a three month prescription this time to lessen my cost. 

The one worry I do have is that my stress level is increasing.  And I don’t see it coming down real soon due to the state of the economy and my personal finances.  My hope is that the fact that the medication is working now and has leveled me out from a very dark and dangerous place means it will continue working.  I just need to remember to keep an eye out for changes.  And the therapist even mentioned that if we do get to a point where we make the decision that I don’t need to schedule another appointment, that doesn’t mean I can’t call and make one if needed.

So I’m doing…not bad…not bad at all.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on July 10, 2012.

One Response to “Not bad…Not bad at all.”

  1. that is great!! That is where I am with my therapist. I go once a month unless I don’t feel like it is necessary, then I cancel. It is good to hear that you are doing good too!

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