And the reveal!

Okay, I didn’t have the tools I wanted to do this with, but I think it will work.   Here’s the pics I promised, although my face has been blacked out to protect the innocent.

Here’s the length I started with.

As I’m sure you can tell, that is a ton of hair.  Considering the summers here often spend more days than not in the 100’s, that’s a lot of hair to deal with daily.  Combing it out took me at least 20 minutes.  I always had it up, so I was always messing with it.  I was also bored with it.  Add in the fact that my hair is thinning, and I decided it was time to let it go.The left side is a little blurry, sorry.

I like the bit of asymmetry here, although I might let it grow a bit and let the difference show a bit more.

I love how it turned out!  I did get some double-takes and one or two people didn’t recognize me at all.  The ponytail was approximately a foot long when she cut it.  This style is so much easier and more fun than the long hair.

 I know y’all can’t judge it as well without my face, but what do you think?  I am trying to keep up with my promises here and post the pics I tell you I will.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on June 27, 2012.

10 Responses to “And the reveal!”

  1. Mary! I hardly recognised you! I love your new style. I wish I could do something like that with my hair like with the asymmetry like yours but mine is so curly. You are lucky, you have the hair for styles like this. Oh and I love your eyes lol

  2. I love it! Glad you love it too! Mousse for the days you want to air dry but give it some volume. A paste or dry wax would be fun for texture on the ends. Be careful about wet waxes or shine serums on fine hair they can weigh it down and make it look greasy instead of shiny.
    Talk about kismet, I just did a post on short hair!

    • Yep. Now that it is so short, I can’t skip a day of washing it, even though it is healthier for suck fine, brittle hair. Luckily, I have a moulding paste that is really lightweight. No mousse since I am too lazy to blow dry my hair. lol The stylist was really great about asking what I would and would not do for my hair.

  3. Love it 🙂


  4. You’ve GOT to do something about your makeup: ultra-Goth can be taken too far… 😛

    I got to see you right after the cut, and it was so perfectly _you_. Nice choice! (But I liked you just as much before…)


  5. Very nice change of pace! You’ve got lovely color. And I can’t imagine dealing with 100-degree temps with any regularity. My god. Short hair would be a must!

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