I appreciate every award that other bloggers give me.  Although I am thankful for the compliment, I rarely post them since there are all kinds of rulles for each one and I’m a little too lazy for all of that.

But I noticed something recently that made me feel AMAZING!   So, I decided to respond since I have been nominated for 5 separate awards in the last month!  I must be doing something right!?!?  Now here’s the list:

The Sunshine Award:


I received this one from both Eileen at …But She’s Crazy and Rachel Miller My Bipolar Life.  I can’t tell you how interesting their blogs are.  These two women are making their way through life and trying to stay positive.  Everyone’s journey is different, but when we can read about someone’s story and feel a little bit understood/similarity, then it brings us all closer.

Summer Moon over at My Bipolar Bubble nominated me for this one.  Take a look at her wonderful blog!  It is full of gentle humor, positivity, and great posts!

This was awarded by BP Shielsy over at The Bipolar Place.  If you want to find music that is just right for the multitude of moods we can all have, here’s the place for it.  As well, he writes heartfelt posts about life and bipolar disorder.

Now both of these award came from Carla Renee over at Seasons Change…And So Have I.  Carla has to be one of the sweetest bloggers I know.  She tries to stay positive in her posts about life.  It’s great to hear from someone that has had an imperfect life and made mistakes that still feels positive about the future.

I am so flattered by the fact that these people think enough of my blog to give me these awards.  Now, each one comes with it’s own rules, but I don’t remember what they are (ever).    Yes, I could go to their blogs and look, but I’m honest enough to say that I’m too lazy for that.  lol

Generally the rules are to tell some little-known facts about yourself and then nominate other blogs/bloggers.  I’ll give you some information and just link you to some wonderful blogs.

1.  I miss my brother and his partner more than I can say after seeing them in December.  I had forgotten how funny and fun they both are.

2.  I am still learning to take compliments and those about my art and artistic talent are probably the hardest to accept.

3.  After several years of having a somewhat distant relationship with my father, I love the fact that we are both reaching out to repair it and spend more time together.

4.  I’m a Daddy’s girl with both my dad and Aba (my step-father).

5.  My mother and I have a wonderful relationship now, but there have been times when I thought we would never get there.

6.  I believe that there should honestly be a degree/training courses for people to work in the Customer Service industry.

7.  I find it sad that some of the most important jobs are so poorly paid– fire fighters, police, paramedics, and school teachers (professors are a different story) come to mind right off the top of my head.

8.  It has taken me until this year to actually think about involving myself in politics and voting regularly.

9.  Even though I am trying to eat healthier and lose weight, I don’t restrict what I eat, just how much.  And some of the people around me find this very odd, especially my success.

10.  My three best friends put up with my whining and complaining far too often, but they understand that I do it so I don’t say something inappropriate at the wrong time or place.

Now for blogs to go take a look at (beyond the five I listed above) is a little harder since the homepage for wordpress seems to be down.  But let’s see if I can find several:

Miss Crabby Ass – A painfully honest, and sometimes funny, account of an addict trying to make through mental and physical illnesses without alcohol or non-prescription meds.

Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights – A mother detailing her life and even her failings as a mother, but trying to stay positive through it all.

In My Opinion – This question a day blog makes me think about so many things in a new way.

Candida Abrahamson – One of the most understandable and informational blogs I have found.  Not always about Bipolar disorder, but she’s incredible explaining some really tough things from divorce to adult children to mental disorders.

Bipolar Notes From Underground – An honest account of living with BP.

Disorderly Chickadee – Another account of living with bipolar with honesty and openness that we often find difficult in person.

The Oddball Mentality – One of the most interesting blogs I read that is open and honest about being transgender, having Asberger’s Syndrome, and social anxiety.

Anything in my list of links that I don’t have listed is also pretty darn good.  🙂  I am severely bad about updating my links, though.  I hope you take the time to visit these blogs.  I always appreciate when someone gives me an award like this as it lets others know about my blog.  If you are on my list anywhere, please feel free to take any of the awards for yourself.  Or maybe just write a post about the blogs you like and tell everyone why.

[Edit:  Sorry about the double/triple emails if you get them immediatley.  Forgot to check the links before posting.]


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on June 21, 2012.

12 Responses to “Awards!”

  1. Thanks for the link (and ditto on most of your facts, while I’m at it)! 🙂


    • No, thank you for writing a great blog!

      • And apparently I forgot to actually congratulate you in the first place, so here’s a belated-but-in-capitals CONGRATULATIONS!!

        (I’ve just received an award from elsewhere, so when the post comes out eventually, I’ll have the chance to return the favour – mwah ha ha!)


  2. Wow- well done you! Totally agree with number 7 on your list.

  3. A hearty mazel tov! 5 awards! You just keep doing the great work you do–and more good will come your way.

  4. I know that you never go fishing for compliments or awards, so it’s really nice when these things come about in an unsolicited was. Keep up the good work.


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  6. […] I’m claiming the Sunshine Award out of the selection offered bytheartistryofthebipolarbrain, since I could use a little sunshine right about now – thanks for that. I think this one […]

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