Okay, I haven’t been posting as much the past couple weeks because I have actually been keeping busy at work.  On top of that, I haven’t been online nearly as much when I’m at home.   I seem to go through cycles of being creative in writing and then art.  I need to work on being creative in more than one element at a time.

I have started a new ceramics project.  I am painting a duck series on 12′ x 12′ tiles.  If they come out well, I might have to break down and start an Etsy page so I can see if they will sell.  I just don’t know if I will be able to make enough off them to justify the amount of time I will be spending on them.  No matter what, it’s a creative outlet, though.  And if I can make enough to offset the cost of all my ceramics painting (including what I might not sell), then I will be pretty happy.

Other than that I am doing well.  I still need to upload the pics of several of my ceramics projects so y’all can see some of the pictures, but I want to give my dad his gift before I show you the before and after pictures. 

Tonight looks like it will be slow, so I might be able to get some writing done as well.  Whether I write more posts for here to post later or work on my story, I haven’t planned.  Although I really do need to get to work on the story since I want to have it finished and edited by the first of August.  It’s not due until the 31st, but I would rather have this one in early.  I’m a little concerned because my vamps and shifters are so different from standard stories.  For the most part, that status isn’t the end-all be-all of their personality.  In the story that is currently waiting on a response still, the only thing about being a vamp that is really mentioned is the sun allergy and what the man goes through to avoid it.  As for the current story, the only part of being a shifter that I plan to be important is the fact that the New Moon falls halfway through Chanukah.  So I am thinking that my shifters will be weaker then as they are tied to two moon goddesses.  That or…I’m not sure.  I just know that the New Moon will definitely have some sort of influence.

I just wanted to let y’all know that I am doing okay.  Well, I did get confirmation that my hair really is falling out and it’s not my imagination and that the rash I keep getting might be a very mild form of exczema or psoriasis (although the dermatologist is leaning toward psoriasis).  Which makes me feel better in the sense that at least I know I wasn’t imagining my hair loss which several people told me I was since they couldn’t see a difference or they thought I was just looking for attention or something.  Anyway, it’s not a huge deal except I’m going to get my hair cut short.  It is currently over halfway down my back, so I’ll be donating it to Locks of Love.  I have learned that many of the charities that deal with hair donations have problems, but I figure it’s still better than leaving it on the salon floor.

So that’s it for me.  Hopefully I will be posting again in a day or so.  🙂


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on June 20, 2012.

7 Responses to “Work!”

  1. I hope your ceramics project & your writing go well! I tend to also have cycles in regard to artistic pursuits.
    My daughter has been donating her hair for 7 years now; she has thick hair that grows quickly, unlike my hair that has been falling out for almost 20 years. I don’t know how I manage to have any left!

    • I so sympathize with that feeling. I started really noticing in the last year or so that when I combed my hair, there was a lot coming out. Then a few months ago, I really noticed that when I pull my hair back a certain way, I can see scalp. After looking closer, I was pretty darn sure my hair was thinning at the front and along my hairline. It was still nice to get it confirmed.

      I didn’t get any writing done yesterday, but I am hopeful for tonight. 🙂 And I’ll be working on the tile Saturday.

  2. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger award.

  3. hey artsy Mary! got sumtin for ya
    Come By my blog and accept your award!!

  4. Definitely want to see pics of the ceramics!

    I’ve donated my hair to Locks of Love several times, and I agree, it’s better than letting it go to waste. Selling it myself just seems like too much effort.

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