Reading, writing, and bad arithmetic

Lately I have been feeling as though there’s no reason for me to continue writing my blog since I don’t seem to have a lot to say.  Between that and feeling very discouraged when I reply on others’ blogs and am virtually ignored, I’m not feeling as positive about this.  But here we go.

I am still writing, and happy about that.  As a matter of fact, my best friend mentioned that I might want to start another blog reviewing the books I read.  I read an insane amount.  The majority of people would not even comprehend the sheer number of stories I read in a week.  Thankfully, I do re-read.  I will honestly tell you that there has to be at least 1000 titles on my laptop and 1000 books in my apartment.  And when I moved into the apartment I sold at least 8 18-gallon totes full of books. 

To say I am an addict is putting it mildly.  And for those that say at least it’s not bad for me…think again.  Those 1000 books, some hardback and some paperback probably cost a minimum of $3000, and probably closer to $5000.  The titles on my laptop probably average a little less per title, but I can’t buy those used.  So we are looking at something in the realm of $10,000 dollars spent on books.  Granted that’s spread over several years, but it’s still an enormous number.  And that’s not counting the 8 totes I sold for maybe a half-percent of the cost.

All of that is actually just to illustrate that I read…excessively.  So my friend’s thought is: if I start reviewing, once I’m established, I’ll start getting free copies sent to me.  🙂  Which would be good for my pocketbook.  It would be better if I could get paid for reviewing stuff, but it’s generally unpaid.  And many of those that are paid for reviews are not paid for honest ones.  It is a somewhat time-consuming pasttime, though.  Although I read very quickly, writing the reviews would take time.  Additionally, I would want to be accurate, so doing a very thorough reading would be necessary.  There’s also trying to get a job as a copy or line editor.  Or any type of editor, really.  Although I don’t have a degree, I do know that I am very good at catching grammatical errors.  I also seem to be pretty good at noticing timeline and logic errors.  I don’t know if I could get a job like that, though, since I didn’t study English in college.

So it’s something for me to think about.  I might also be able to get a job reviewing stuff for an established site.  Then I would get the free stuff and have less worry about maintenance and stuff.

The other thing I am still thinking about is whether to publicize my M/M erotica writing and website here or not.  I am by no means ashamed of my writing, be it content or theme.  I am simply finding it hard to continue keeping this persona separate from certain aspects of my life.  Then comes the problem that someone from here will read my writing and be offended (although it’s not like I don’t warn y’all) or (more likely) that someone from my author site will get here and judge me or my books based on information here rather than their own merits.

Well, that’s not a decision I have to make right now, anyway.  I haven’t heard from the publishing company, but I won’t start worrying until it’s been several weeks.  They had a call due the day after I submitted my story for general submission.  So I am sure they are currently focused on the call stuff.

And just because I think this applies and it came on my Jango right as I was finishing writing this post.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on May 18, 2012.

11 Responses to “Reading, writing, and bad arithmetic”

  1. You know my opinions on pennames being separate. I think keeping them different is a good thing. But that’s just me. And check out Silver’s help wanted area. They want editing and proof reading right now. I know you’d qualify for proof reading at the very least and you’d get to have the books you read.

  2. I can’t believe that people publish books and novels and don’t pay people to edit them? Is that what Im reading? Anyway, I think by reading your blog and knowing you as a blogger friend that you have so much more potention than only editing for a company. As far as the erotica, I wouldn’t show it on line for free, I’d make sure I made money from it. We’ll have to think you up a pen name lol. I alredy have one given to me by an English teacher years ago. If I ever get a chance to use it lol.

    • Sadly, even books that have been professionally edited can have jarring errors due to pinting errors. Plus, editors are human and make mistakes. There are some self-publishers that don’t do the best job of editing.

      As for my own writing, when I get my author site up and running, there might be short stories for free, but only if they lead you to another story to pay for. Luckily, my writing partner and I spent an evening going over what we wanted in a pen name, and we created one for me. They are not the easiest thing to come up with, though.

  3. Try for the editing. The only replies available are yeah or nay. Please don’t quit this blog. It is good for you, me and many others. You can always start different ones for different topics and only write once a week or 2X a month. I am also sure you could cut back to 3 a wk & no one would be angry. Once again you are TOO HARD ON YOURSELF.

  4. My hubby is a librarian and book addict as well. When we moved, I stopped counting at 80 cartons of books. There were a lot more.

    He has a book review blog where he posts reviews of everything he reads. He’s also on LibraryThing where he can sign up for books to review. I think he gets two or three books a month through that, so you might check out LibraryThing as a source of books to review. You can volunteer for which books you’d like to review, so it’s not all just random. It might help a little to already have a review blog set up, but I don’t think it’s strictly necessary – doing those reviews would definitely give you fodder for it, though!

    The most odd thing he’s been sent to review was a 2-volume encyclopedia of the Arctic. Huge, huge academic reference book, obviously not something you can read cover to cover to review! Anyway, he does read most things pretty closely but I don’t think he puts a ton of time into the reviews – they’re generally short and therefore easily readable.

    Oh, and apologies if I’ve failed to reply to any of your comments on my blog (and been quiet about commenting on yours!) I’ve basically been absorbed by the whole graduation thing, taking a brief vacation, and looking forward to starting the new job. Once things settle down a bit… 🙂

    • Yet again, congratulations on the whole graduation thing. 😉

      I do think I would do well at either editing or reviewing. I just need to put in the work to get it up and running. The Arctic book was odd. Seriously.

      I wasn’t referring to you when I was talking about the comments. I have taken the time to write some very detailed responses on a couple of blogs lately. The responses I have gooten on them pretty much amount to, “Oh, thanks for commenting.” When they fall all over themselves to say great things to the person who wrote, “I like you idea but I would say A is a little more like B. Otherwise, all good!” I just find it irritating and obnoxious. But maybe, that’s just me. Maybe the person didn’t know what to say to such a reasoned argument? I don’t know, but I have to fight really hard not to take it personally.

  5. You know how when you make a friend online, you tend to get a picture in your head of who they remind you of even though you haven’t met them? I was thinking about you today and how much of a determined woman you are an motivated to not give up in a dog eat dog world. and well I have always had you pictured with just below your shoulders medium brown hair. The mental pic I got when I thought of you was, don’t get mad or anything, hell you may not even know who she is cause she was probably befroe your time….. Mary Tyler Moore lol / please don’t hit me! 😉

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