Seriously?! I did not volunteer to be your battleground.

I knew coming into this week that it was going to be very interesting.  This is a very busy week for me at work because the company we are contracted to has a huge push at the end of the month and quarter.  BTW, forgot to tell y’all I might not be posting much.  *blush*


So yay for busy at work.  As you may or may not have picked up on, I spend much of my time at work waiting for others to give me the work I am trained for.  It’s not that I am not capable.  They literally refuse to give me the work.  They swear up and down it gets done during the day.  Well, my boss is fed up with this, especially with everything that is building up and needing to be done right now.  So last week, I got the first inkling when he sent out an email to the team that stated I was to be doing a specific job during my shift.  I was all, “Yay!”  Although I love to write my blog, read other blogs, and other things, I would rather spend my time at work actually doing work.  I’m weird that way, I know.

While I was at work (either Wednesday or Friday), I began to get the idea that me doing the job I was hired for was going to put me smack dab in the middle of the battleground between my manager, my coworkers, and the other manager that oversees us.  Can I impress upon you how un-thrilled I was?  But…I was going to get to do work!  So there was already talk about it before I left on Friday.  When I came in Monday morning, there were several emails back and forth.  I couldn’t make head nor tails of it, so I waited until my main boss (the other had actually stayed out of the emails completely) got out of his meeting and talked to him about what needed to be done and what my responsibilities were.

And I had to do it again yesterday because there was more back and forth.  And again today (although there was less confusion for me, just irritation).  And now that I have been doing this portion of the job…I have no idea why the other two people I work with have such difficulty in their time-management.  I will admit that I don’t do everything they are doing.  But the primary things that have to be accomplished with our paperwork, I can do that.  There is one step that I can only do with the simplest paperwork.  Then again, that might have to do with not having had a chance to practice doing any of them (simple or complex) for about 10 months.  So for the 18 sets of documents that came in today, I dealt with 10 completely, 2 almost all of it, and 3 I couldn’t do at all.  So I had the option to complete 15 documents, and either completed or partially completed 12.  That makes me feel really good about being in a job that I really love.  And am obviously accomplished at.

I do wish I could be a really obnoxious person and say something to my coworkers about their own work, but I’m not that sort of person.  Instead, I will do what my boss tells me to do and know that he is paying attention, even if it’s not obvious.  🙂  I think there’s going to be a pretty interesting meeting next month.  Which I already told my boss that I wanted one for my one year anniversary.  I am going to try to get both my bosses to sit down with me and talk about where they think I am going and where we all want to see me in a year.  And that is going to be my focus.  Because honestly, I love my job.  I may be crazy, but I like dealing with paperwork.  So, although I have a lot of anxiety about the meeting, I do have every intention of going through with it to get a better handle on where I am going.

And on a completely unrelated subject, I saw my psych today.  We made the decision to keep me on my current regimen.  He asked me a bunch of really good questions about how I feel now versus when I was on a different combination.  I really liked the way he listened to me.  Even though it took me a couple minutes to explain the difference, he didn’t push.  And then he explained to me why he wanted the information.  I have to say that he is the best psychiatrist I have ever seen.  Although I like him, I’m also happy that I’ve stabilised enough that I don’t have to see him for another 2 months.  🙂

I also have an appt to see the allergist tomorrow.  Yay!  Hopefully this consultation will help and we will (most likely) schedule an allergy test (soon, finger’s crossed).   Hopefully we can figure this out.  They asked me to fill out 6 pages of info, so that was fun.   

There’s my update.  If you don’t hear from me after this, I’ll get back on Sunday or Monday.  Hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow, but Friday and Saturday are slim to no chances and slim left town.



~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on April 25, 2012.

9 Responses to “Seriously?! I did not volunteer to be your battleground.”

  1. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Don’t forget to tell your co-workers thank you in a VERY nice way. Be sweet and don’t get frustrated at work, if you need to, do it here!

  3. Co-workers can be soooo annoying. I’m glad you’re enjoying your job & doing well. 🙂

  4. ROFL! ;o

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