Apologies, but apparently someone scheduled a satanic sacrifice and a hockey game at the same time…

In my stomach.  So, not long after I got to work, I started being sick.  And that is just not fun to begin with, but adding in a public bathroom adds a whole new level of hell.  When I wasn’t being sick, some twisted person was trying to rip out my stomach a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Let me tell you, it was horribly painful, but it came in waves that made you hopeful it had finished, then that demented person squeezed.  Shockingly, I went home sick (after trying Sprite and tums to get through).  I had to stop at the store to get soup and stuff.  I would have prefferred not to, but…I had nothing to eat at the apartment that wasn’t going to make things even worse. 

I got home and made some soup when I felt like it might finally stay down.  And it took me almost an hour to get through the entire bowl.  Seriously.  I had some bread with it and was feling a little better.  By this time it was time for me to take my meds.  I didn’t want to chance the meds just then since it finally felt like the seriously twisted person might stop trying to pull my stomach out to place on his alter to Cthulu.  Or at least…he (or she is implied people) had slowed down with the squeezing and ripping.  But just as he started to slow down, a freaking hockey team came along and started doing slap shots.  It didn’t feel like my stomach was being squeezed, but it hurt.  And periodically, just when I thought it had finally stopped, that evil bastard would squeeze again!

Eventually it all calmed down and I was able to sleep.  yay.

Having finally relaxed enough to take my meds around 3am, I wasn’t real happy to be awake at 9.  I ate a little something, then went back to sleep after talking to one of my best friends and my Mom.  I woke up again at 1pm, feeling slightly better.  Definitely up for work since I couldn’t miss another day without missing rent.  And when I got here, I felt okay except for the lingering soreness, bloating and light cramping.  Honestly, this was such an improvement on the previous day, I was thrilled.  But as my shift continued, my stomach started hurting more.  I thought the problem might be emptiness, so I ate some Saltines (for the international contingent, these are cheap crackers with little to no flavor but lots of salt).   That worked for a bit, so when it started up again, I took my lunch.  I ate soup and had some bread.  I will admit that I didn’t finish the soup.  But after I ate, my stomach started up again.  😦 

So I will be hosting the Stanley Cup and Cthulu’s birthday celebration in my stomach for the foreseeable future.  Well, at least until Sunday.  If those bastards haven’t cleared out by then, I am going to visit a witch doctor and have them all cast out.

Oh, and just to cap my Friday the Thirteenth, I got to work and was told the computer that I have been waiting a week to get the password fixed was finally fixed!  All excited, I started scanning some documents.  And my database won’t talk to itself.  Seriously. [As a side note, one of these days, I should record my post so y’all can hear me actually say some of this stuff.]

Well, I think I’m done whining for the most part.  I will tell you that, if I’m not on a whole lot this weekend, it might be because sacrifice has been completed and awarded to the Stanley Cup winners.

I will post at least snippet updates as I can.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on April 13, 2012.

7 Responses to “Apologies, but apparently someone scheduled a satanic sacrifice and a hockey game at the same time…”

  1. I hate stomach trouble more than any other kind of illness. You have my sympathies. I suggest getting some law enforcement / referees in to throw the bastards out… but then again, that would probably end in more violence. Hope you get better soon!

    • Thanks! I agree that stomach issues bring their own level of unhappiness. It took time, and a change in my eating habits, but it looks like I have stabilized it. It’s not great, but it means I can wait to go to the doctor.

  2. I’m sorry you are sick sweety. I hope this weekend finds you recouperating and feeling up to par by Monday hugs

    • Thanks, hun. I was actually able to get out yesterday, although I was completely drained by the time I got home. But I have food for quite a while, so I won’t have to do it again except for small perishables. 🙂

  3. Aww poor kid. I hate stomach stuff. Give me a migraine, I can handle those, but stomach stuff is awful. I hope it stops soon for you honey

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