I like cavities, too…

I love a good in-depth novel with lots of angst and twists and turns before the HEA (Happy Ever After, for those that don’t read romance).  But I also like the irrationally, unrealistically sweet stories that give you a sugar rush from start to finish.  [Sort of like the short I posted last week.]

I love stories with children in them.  Although I will never have my own children, I love to read about children being raised by healthy, happy couples.  I love science fiction.  It always surprises me how much of it was written 30 years ago and is becoming science fact.  I will distinguish the next parts on purpose.  I like “High Fantasy” with elves, fairies, and enchanted sword-weilding princes living grandiose lives and world-spanning novels.  I also like “low fantasy” where worlds of magic are a little simpler, but still lovingly written and fascinating to read.  I also love paranormal, where they take the elements of fantasy and nightmare, blend them together, then plop them down in today’s modern world.  I like YA, romance, erotica, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, alternative universes, apocolyptic, and pretty much anycombination therein.  And I do, on rare occasion read nonfiction other than cookbooks.

So what does that say about me as a person?  I am a firm believer that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover, but what about judging a person by her books?  There are times I can be quite romantic, like many of my books.  They are few and far between, though.  I do believe in HEA…Probably not for me, though.  I believe in intelligence and technology…to a point.  I am also fully aware that these same items can be both the destroyer and the savior of the human race.  I am curious how our lives would have gone if technology was present earlier or later than it was.  I wonder what would happen if a single major historical event was changed.  I believe in the power of the mind.  I think that what we can imagine can be…somewhere.  I think there is a little bit of the child left in all of us.  I accept that we all want to be the prince rescuing the princess AND the princess being rescued.

I think that all of this says I am someone who loves others in all their variations and ideals.  Even when I don’t like a book, I don’t throw it away.  If it is a physical book, I will donate it to charity or a library or sell it.  If it is an ebook, I set it aside in a special folder on my harddrive.

Is there something you have/read/collect that says something about you?  Do you look around you sometimes and wonder what others see when they look at you?  I certainly wonder.  I wonder if they would be appalled by my reading choices or interested.  And I wonder if I am judging them wrong when I don’t think they would like them.  So how do you show (whether obvious or not) who you are and what you believe?


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on March 26, 2012.

9 Responses to “I like cavities, too…”

  1. I’m always interested in what other people read. That’s why I like Goodreads. And checking other people’s bookshelves for clues to who they are.

  2. Very interesting post! Hmmm. I too am an eclectic reader. Of late, I’ve been reading far more m/m romances than m/f. The latter have become…pigeon-holed. The heroines all feel the same. I want realism and…I want characters with flaws. I’m in the middle of writing a post (or perhaps rant is more apt 🙂 ) about it – stay tuned 🙂 But in short, I can relate to flawed characters. If they can find love then that gives me hope. Perfect characters? Reading about them just makes me feel inadequate.

    • I agree with you on all of this! I read for characters. I will finish a book with a poor plot if I like the characters. Conversely, I will be unable to finish a book or set it aside afterward if I don’t like the characters, no matter how good the rest of the story is.

      I definitely prefer flawed characters, but I dislike stories where someone is a jackass for half the book (or all of another book if a series) and suddenly changes into a decent person. Yes, they might do so if something specific or tragic happens, but the fact that they fell in love isn’t going to turn them into a completely new person.

      I am looking forward to the post/rant when you get it done. Headaches suck. BTW, you have mail. 😉

  3. I know a book you would like. It is an older book. The movie of it casts Sergornay Weaver (sp?) It is 5 in the morning lol, Anyway it is called “Somewhere in Time”. It has the romance, the fantasy and the science fiction that you might enjoy.
    I am not a romantic in real life but I surprise myself sometimes by enjoying the mushy stuff. Like my therapist talked me into reading the “Twilight series” and I was obsessed with it lol. Usually I like mysteries, or true stories. I find myself always rooting for the bad guy for some reason lol.

    • I’ll have to look up the book. I’ve heard of the movie and always been put off by the picture they used.

      I’m not a huge romantic. Actually,I think it’s buried pretty deeply. I do think I have that kernel, though, and it comes out in my book choices.

      I like some mysteries. As for true stories, I do read them on occasion, but sometimes they get to close to home for me and I can’t handle it.

      • its not weaver its the woman that was in Dr Quinn medicine woman. Yeah I tourcher myself by reading and watching true to life stories lol. I am so interested in what other people have went through.

  4. First time my wife came over, I warned her before going down to the basement (sounds creepy already, doesn’t it?). But, I was shut. I had been collecting vintage toys for years, and they were displayed, and yes, they exposed me as one big geek/nerd, and the woman I was with was so damn cool…. But it was/is who I am…

    • Hey, better to get that part out of the way. Then you know whether she can deal with your neuroses before investing too much time in stalking her. 😉

      Honestly, though, being open with someone like that is important.

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