The art of clothing

I have been told that I have no sens of style because I tend to live in jeans and shirts or blouses.  I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t that I don’t have a sense of style, but that I can’t afford my sense of style.  I will admit that what I like is not mainstream, but I thik it would look really good on me.  To understand my style choices (if I could afford them) you need to know two things about me: A: I am female (pretty sure y’all know that already, but maybe not); and B: I have an hourglass figure.

The two types of clothing I like are somewhat mismatched.  I like what the old pin up girls from the 40’s wore, certain New Age clothing, and certain Goth or Steampunk clothes clothes.  Yes, I know that is quite the variety!

And many people look at me like I am insane when I say that or show them what I like.  [All opinions after this point are directed at myself and no one else.  If someone is wearing something I think looks bad on me, it doesn’t follow that it looks bad on them.]

For example, I like this top with these capris.  I like the idea of formfitting with some flow.  Too much flowy material bothers me because I think it looks careless and makes me look larger.  On the other side of the coin, I believe too much form-fitting clothing tends to make a woman look like she is trying too hard to get someone’s attention.

Another look I like is this skirt, this top, and this jacket.  Oh!  And these boots.

Okay, so what does that have to do with art?  Well, clothing is one way for us to show people something about ourselves.  Granted, in general, the selection of clothing we have is fairly small if we are shopping in our local department store or mall.  But, if you had an unlimited bank account, how would you express the art of your soul and personality?  Obviously, I have a very interesting and eclectic soul if these outfits are anything to go by.

I think the flowiness and lace that I like shows the femininity that I have been told is wrong in someone like me that has an analytical mind.  I think the form-fitting clothing is because it sleek, practical, and sexy.  I have been told I am practical, but I don’t think it precludes being sexy.  As for the fact that most of the clothing designs being older, I think that has to do with current fashion not really being designed for someone my size and proportions.  Granted the New Age clothing is “newer”, but it is all pretty flowy and flattering for most body types.

So, for those that have lasted this far, what would you wear if you had all the money you could want to spend on it?  Have you thought about why you like what you do?  Even if you can’t afford it, there’s still a reason it calls to you.  If it seems to go against your personality, what do you think might be the reason you like it?  If you think about your personality as others might perceive you, what do you think they would put you in?  Do you think they would be shocked by what you like?  I know my coworkers would be shocked if I was able to dress the way I wanted.  I doubt that my close friends would, but my family might.  Do you think there are times when you dress to hide?  I know there are many times I do so.  If you do a good part of your socialization online, do you think that those people would be any closer to picking out the “right” outfit for you, given choices?


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on March 14, 2012.

8 Responses to “The art of clothing”

  1. Love that you see clothing as art since it really is. I absolutely dress to hide sometimes. When I’m feeling raw and exposed the stretch pants and oversized hoodie come on. If I could wear anything I wanted to I’d pretty much wear most of what Sheplers offers. It’s western wear, comfortable jeans, really cute dresses, my favorite riding boots. I like lace and flow and romance and it’s got to be machine washable. Anything that I can wear flip flops with is a plus. And that skirt with the shirt and the boots and the jacket- I’m stealing that from you. Just so that you know :).

  2. LOL!!!!!

    I think people are more unaware of this than they think. I also wonder how the men feel about all of this.

    Even though just about every woman out there understands the idea of “fat jeans” and “skinny jeans”, I wonder if they think about how the way they think about the clothes they are wearing influences how they feel. I know many people that dress nicer and put on makeup “to feel pretty” when they are having a bad day. I know that doesn’t work when you are depressed, but it can be a boost when you get up, shower, and brush your teeth. I also know that I have “comfort clothing”.

  3. Fun picks! I have a hard time shopping for clothes. I’ve watched endless episodes of “What Not To Wear” so I have a good idea of what I’d go for that would flatter my figure at any size. I have a very, very large bustline, very narrow ribcage, wide hips, and an inseam that falls between “average” and “tall” so getting proper fit is a nightmare.

    For a “look” I can’t afford, I have pretty clear criteria. Custom tailoring would be a requirement much of the time. I prefer fitted, structured jackets and I’m extremely picky about sweaters since I knit. Knit tops, sometimes with wraps or ruching around the middle; never with pockets on the chest. Custom-tailored button-ups. Jewel, boat, square, or v-necks only – never crews or high collars that make my chest look enormous. Low-waisted straight-legged slacks in unpatterned fabrics, same cut for jeans but in dark washes. A-line and wrap skirts that fall just below the knee, in fabric with good drape. Dresses with wrap/twist/gathered tops, A-line shaping for graceful fit. Dansko or Bjorn for sandals and wedge heels, Keen shoes for casual wear (but I do buy expensive shoes because I literally have no other options.)

    If I didn’t have to worry about others’ perceptions, I’d live in bib overalls, knit tops, and Keen sandals or sneakers. Practicality all the way. In fact, that’s pretty much how I dress now (but no overalls.) Pockets are nearly always required in my clothes. I like stuff from outdoors outfitters because they tend to be very practical fabrics and flattering classic cuts, but the cute stuff rarely come sin my current size since outdoorsy people are supposed to be quite fit (and I’m not.)

    • I do like practical. The only reason pockets are not required is because they tend to make me look wider. I do like them in jeans, though. I tend to agree with you about what I would wear if I never had to go out in public, if anything at all.

      The whole fitting correctly thing is definitely an issue for women. I know it can be for men as well, but that is less common. Women’s clothing seems to pretty much randomize clothing sizes. From store to store, brand to brand, the same size marked on a piece of clothing can be radically different. So the tailoring would probably make most people happier.

      I do like the clothes you picked!

  4. Hey girl! I hope things are getting better. Let me know. I nominated you for the TMI award. If you don’t have time, it is ok.

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