It is informational…I promise!

Okay, I am going to cheat on this post a bit.  Mostly because my thinking processes aren’t functioning all that well right now.

This will be an informational post.  It’s just going to be personal information from me and some wonderful bloggers I read.  I have seen a lot of blog awards floating around out there.  Now, everyone that I have seen nominating someone has been very sincere.  And some of the awards are cute, interesting, or even seem to have meaning behind them.  I have been nominated by CoF (Clown on Fire) for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Now, considering how much I love his blog and how he talks about living with bipolar from the viewpoint of a partner, I take this as a great compliment.  As a result of receiving this award, I am supposed to pick 7 blogs that I find inspirational.  (That’s the informational part, btw, people.)

Since I can’t give it back to CoF, my seven choices (in no particular order 😉 ) :

Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

This blog is not about bipolar.  But it is about living with mental and physical illness, how those effect her, and how she lives each day.  She is brutally honest about herself and I respect her for having the courage to (as I put it) spill her life’s blood all over the blog.  Many people that don’t live with a mood disorder or other mental illness do not understand that pain wrought when we write these honest glimpses into our heads.  She does a very good job of making that accessible.

Seasons Change, and Change…

CarlaRenee is one of the kindest bloggers I know.  She tries hard to write positive, open posts.  I am not saying that she makes it seem like she has always been so, but she believes that she is in a much more stable place.  Although I have a different belief system than she does, I love her positivity and hope in a time when I have a hard time keeping my own.

drinkingmybipolarsober/Miss Crabby Ass

Currently this blog is on a sort of hiatus as she has gone into residential treatment.  Once she is given the privelege of computer use, she should be picking it back up once a week.  She is brutally honest about her sobriety and bipolar issues.  She is also very funny.  I love her posts because, although they do handle pretty serious issues at times, you are not bludgeoned with the seriousness.

Bipolar for Life

Laura is a doctor that also lives with bipolar.  She is refreshingly honest with a topic that could cause a lot of problems for her.  What she blogs about is interesting and informative without being irritating and treating us like we are stupid.  She sprinkles studies and other scientific information into her own story, making it accessible and understandable.


As a therapist, she covers a large amount of territory.  Much of it doesn’t apply directly to me, but reading through some of her stuff on mediation that has nothing to do with my life directly, still gives me insight into the human thought process.  Knowing more about how people think, allows me to be gentler on myself and others.  I can remind myself that some thoughts are universal and I am not nearly as alone as I feel.  She does touch on bipolar at times as well.

Bipolar Smiley : ) :

Beyond the fact that I love the smiley (the addition of the spaces is my own idea since otherwise it tends to turn into a smiley with a colon next to it).  Bob Fish writes in a way that I can understand and empathize with, but he also writes from the perspective of a man who lives with bipolar disorder.  Also, after my post about being ANGRY, his posts made me feel like I was not alone in feeling out of control at times, even if no one saw the inside of my head.

Laments and Lullabies

Sara writes very stirringly of living with bipolar and a family.  Although I do not have a family, I take great heart reading about this disorder from inside one.  She is working hard with support from her family to get to a healthier, stabler place.  She still questions “accepted norms” in psychiatry and that takes bravery.  Even though she has only been blogging for a month or so, her voice is distinctive and I hope to hear much more from her.

So that was the seven blogs I read and a little information about each.

Now seven things about me that would probably not come up in my blog…

1.  I have a hat collection that has at least…10 hats, and not all of them are baseball caps.  And that doesn’t include winter hats.

2. I am an inveterate chair dancer at work.  Yes, I have looked up with several people staring at me.  That doesn’t stop me from doing it.

3. I adore music…of almost any type (unless it is straight up bad or severely misogynistic).  I like reggae, opera, 50’s, 80’s, big band, pop, rock, and country, just to name a few.  I have an online radio station that has gone from System of a Down to Brad Paisley to Lady Gaga to Les Miserables to ACDC.  Do you wonder why I call it Everything and the Kitchen Sink?

4. My eldest brother impresses me more than I can say.  He has his degree, a partner of…8? 9? years, a full-time job, and a wonderful set of friends that love spending time with him.  And he’s only 2.5 years older than I am.

5. I flew a plane when I was twelve.  I would love to learn how for real.

6. I have very odd trivia running wround in my brain.  Did you know that a cat can be genotyped based on it’s coat color just by looking at it, unless it’s white?  An orange cat is most likely male.  If a cat is orange and black or orange and brown, there is only a 10% chance that it is male.  If it is male, it is most likely sterile as it is XXY.  The marbling or patchiness that comes with the orange and black or brown is caused by the fact that orange coat color is a dominant X-linked trait.  And I could go on, but I am sure I am boring all of you who have lasted to this point.

7. I have a seriously strong stomach.  I have no problems watching Bones and other graphic television shows (including the “real” ones) while eating dinner.  Even if someone compares what I am eating to something on the screen, it rarely makes me stop eating.

So there you have it!  Information about 8 great blogs, and a few very random tidbits about me.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on March 9, 2012.

13 Responses to “It is informational…I promise!”

  1. thank you sweety!

    • You were replying here at the same time I was replying on your blog to tell you. *LOL*
      And just as a side note, I was chair-dancing to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream while I wrote this. 😀

      • cool lol. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I wanted to nominate you for the last liebster award, but I didn’t want to put too much on your plate this weekend 😉

      • looks like you are taking it out on Katy tonight lol. I will pass this award on in the morning. My son has friends over and I haave no peace lol and the smoking (cough cough)

  2. You and carlarenee45 both deserve it.
    And I’m biased when it comes to Laments and Lullabies.
    But we won’t tell anyone.

  3. I’d like to pretend that I’m WAY too cool to get excited over these awards…but I must be three ways to uncool, because I am officially chuffed. Thank you! I guess I have to go write something half-decent now….

  4. Hey, thanks for including my blog in your award! I really appreciate it. And I have to tell you that I found your info on cat genetics fascinating. Now, how about the sex-linked recessive: white coat+blue eyes+deaf?

    • Almost all animals will be blind or deaf or some combination of the two if they are white with blue eyes. Granted, there are some breeds where white is a standard coat color, but for dogs and cats (and mice), white is not generally a naturally occurring coat color. White is most often caused by a genetic anomaly caused the white-spotting gene. The white-spotting gene can be triggered when the fetus first forms, which generally causes fetal death. If it occurs after several the cells have split more, then the damage is mitigated by the number of cells that don’t have the triggered gene. I worked with mice that were born with not teeth, deaf, and blind. They were being studied because this gene is present in human beings as well. So, to get back to cats (and dogs), the progenitor cells to melanocytes (these form the melanin that colors the skin) also split to form the cells that eventually form the teeth, eyes, and the bones of the ear. When these progenitor cells are triggered, they can cause damage to all of those structures. Which is how you get deaf cats with white fur and blue eyes (the color of the eyes is also effected by the progenitor cells). It is also why many dalmations are born with deafness, eye and teeth problems. If you are just dying for a dalmation, make sure it has black ears if you want it to be able to hear. As far as I recall, the more black, the better the dog’s health. Although people believe dalmations are white with black spots, they are actually black with white spots. 🙂

      And there you have even more genetics babbling. 😀

      • I realized that I didn’t say anything about the cats being female. Although I am not positive about this response, here goes.

        Since some coat color is a sex-linked gene set, to be completely white, the female has to have the genetic trigger earlier in the gene path to be completely white. Otherwise she would be white and colored as one of the pair of X chromosomes is turned off in individual cells. So one would show white, but if that chromosome was turned off, whatever color the cat would have been without the white-spotting gene would show up. So for the female to be completely white, she would have had to be triggered on both X-chromosomes earlier in fetal growth. Whereas with males having only 1 X-chromosome, they might be completely white with the Y-chromosome mitigating some of the other damages caused by the white-spotting gene.

        I think…

  5. So proud of what you have done!!! It is hard for anyone to look into themselves to the extent you have and share it with anyone who cares to read blogs.
    As your Mom I have learned so much from you not only about, but about the past, present and future feelings in YOUR life. I can honestly say that I don’t remember some of the events you do.
    The important thing is that these memories are yours this and no matter what your perception is yours as mine is mine. It is important that everyone accept this fact.
    It is no different that what “witness'” see in the case of a crime or accident. The 8 sites you mention are very educational and helpful as well.
    i love you !

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