Sometimes things that look foolish aren’t

I actually got stuff done today!  Three loads of laundry and a pretty big errand.  I went to a Cricket store because I have been paying way too much for my old phone.  I looked at the phones, but I wasn’t exactly sold on them since a new phone is pretty expensive.  All of my friends have Smart phones, but I have managed to avoid them up to this point.

I didn’t plan on getting a new phone, but I did make sure I had money if I needed one.  The battery on mine was pretty sad.  I can’t get mad seeing as how the thing was 5 years old…at least.  When I walked in, they took my name and asked me what I needed.  I explained to them I was paying way too much and might possibly need to replace the phone.  The customer service person looked at my phone and said, “We don’t have that phone anymore.”  Not surprising to me.  So I was looking at their plans and phones while I waited.  They called my name shortly thereafter and I started talking to a very nice guy about what I was currently paying versus what I mght pay otherwise.  Due to my plan being as old as it was, it apparently had some tax and fee issues that had since been resolved.  I could reduce my payment by a bit.  Or, I could pay a few dollars more a month and get a smartphone.  The Cricket person was very polite and outlined my options for me.

Now it was up to me.  I know I needed a new phone, in all honesty.  Mine would drop calls or not ring.  I would get notified I had voicemail without the phone ringing…and several hours later.  Texting was very difficult, even though it is one of the major things my writing partner and I do.  And now, the amount that I already budgeted for my phone would go up less than ten dollars.  Since I was already planning on dropping Netflix because they are a pain and have zero selection for streaming really, that would pretty much cover the difference.  So the cost was pretty much already built into my budget.  Yes, it would be nice to pay less, but the budget could handle this much.  When I looked at the phones in the few minutes before they called me, I had seen they had a special on one.  So, knowing my bank balance and what I could afford for a new phone, I bought the smartphone with accessories.  I always know that I will be buying accessories when I get a new phone.  I cannot go without a car charger because I spend too much time driving and forget to charge my phone to start with.  A case is a must because I am clumsy.  The special cover to prevent scratching was also necessary seeing as how the first thing I did with my little enovel was scratch the screen.

[Which reminds me, I won a free Nook on one of my favorite author websites!!!!!  I’ll have to look into getting a cover for it.  😉  ]

I thought about all of this and my bank balance.  For once I didn’t feel like I was being pressured.  I also didn’t feel like this was a spur-of-the-moment decision because I had been thinking about it for a couple of months.  So I decided to get the Smartphone on advertisement.  It helped that it was relatively inexpensive and the rep had the same phone.  I did look at the other phones, but they didn’t really seem to be an easier to use or more useful.  And having access to email when not in front of a computer would be nice.  I follow a lot of blogs, so having quich access would be good.  It also looks like I might be able to read on this little guy.  Granted, once I get my Nook (and my eNovel fixed or replaced), I won’t necessarily need that function…unless I am standing in line for my driver’s license, registration, or any other places I might be waiting in line.  And a good game is always good for lines.  The last reason I made this decision was that the cost for everything: new phone, difference in monthly cost, switching current phone number to new phone, case, protector sheet, car charger, came to a reasonable amount that was within my budget.

Now, several of you that are reading this might be wondering why I am blathering on and on about this purchase.  Well, one of the major symptoms of my bipolar disorder is reckless spending.  I was feeling pretty good about this weekend since, although I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, I did write some, clean a little, and made some plans for the week.  I didn’t feel like I was getting hypomanic, but I am not always aware.  I feel more stable, but I wasn’t sure.  It makes me really proud of myself, though, that I put so much thought into buying this phone.  I walked in knowing it might be necessary.  I already knew what I could spend on the phone, and knew what my budget would bear in the way of monthly bills.  I didn’t pick one that didn’t suit my needs.  Maybe, just maybe, these meds might just be working.  Since I have only been on the increased lithium about a month, I know that it is unlikely the increased dosage is the cause, although it might be starting to work.  🙂

When you add the fact that I am getting better about the way I eat and take medication and vitamins, maybe I am due to start feeling more stable.  It also helps that I am sticking with therapy and this blog.  Getting my feelings out of my head and onto the screen helps me a lot.  I can write a post rather than screaming at my coworkers.  And I sooooo want to scream at some of them…daily.

Or this could just be a moment of stability before I start racing up the mountain again.

I’ll take it.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on March 5, 2012.

13 Responses to “Sometimes things that look foolish aren’t”

  1. I’m proud of you. It was a calm, well thought out decision. And now the geek in me wants to know which one you got, etc, etc. *grin*

    And it’s probably a combination of a lot of things that are helping you out presently.

  2. go reckless spending~! :p

  3. Doesn’t matter if it was the meds or a ‘good’ patch. You made the choices. Well Done!

  4. Enjoy this period of stability, meds-induced or not. Hope it stretches a little while, too.

    • Thank you, I know you understand how pleasant these times can be. As I have a friend coming in next week, I am hoping to be able to keep it going until then. Although I know that he doesn’t care about the state of my apartment, I know that I will be more comfortable while he is here if it is clean.

  5. Congrats on your new phone and on deciding to get your new phone in the way you wanted 🙂 That’s fantastic! And congrats on the Nook! And fingers crossed for the stability. *hugs*

  6. I didn’t think you were just rambling on. I know things like this are a big issue with biplar. I know how it is when I don’t put that much thought into any decision, I end up messing everything up and paying for it for a long time. I have had to simplify my life so that I don’t have the opportunity to mess up often. But I used to spend my monthly bill money on a whim for things and end up in the hole all the time. I have learned in the last several years to pay my bills first before even thinking about what I have in the bank. It has made life a whole lot easier. Good for you!

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