Good news from the doctor

I had to go to the dr on Thursday because of my cough, et al.  Bad news: I have bronchitis for the third time in a little over a year.  So in the next couple of months, I am going to need to see an allergist and have my allergies tested again.  It’s been years, so it’s not tragic, just annoying and expensive.

Good news: In the past year, I have lost over 30 lbs!  I have been trying to eat healthier, but beyond that, no dieting or weight loss medications.  Man, I can only be horrified at the thought of how a weight loss med could screw up my psych meds…

I seem to be working my way toward a more stable place.  I am still having problems getting certain things done, but I am working on them.  Although I am feeling more artistic, I haven’t been feeling so focused on it to the exclusion of other things.  I haven’t been buying new art supplies when I already have plenty.  The only new supplies I am planning on buying are a couple of pads.  One of them is a replacement for one I only have a single sheet left in and the other is because I am working a bit more in the new medium of watercolor pencil and related art.  I have been going to work (excepting illness) and focusing on my work.  Because I feel so different and excluded, I have just been putting on my headphones and working.  I speak to others about work and try to stay away from the personal.  I may not always succeed, but I try.

I am still isolated and I still have pretty strong emotional reactions in certain situations (one being work itself).  I am planning on speaking with my psychiatrist on the 12th about an ESA (emotional support animal).  If he agrees to write a letter for it (as well as my therapist, I think), I will start getting the ball rolling on bringing a dog home.  There are a lot of variables, one of which is the place I would need emotional stabilizing the most is work. Because the dog would not be a PSD (psychiatric service dog), they are not required to allow me to bring him to work.  There are a lot of steps that I would need to go through for this to work out, but the first one is talkiong to my therapist and psych.

Even though my apartment isn’t perfect and I have a mountain of laundry to do, I feel a lot more positive about the direction I am moving.  I sort of feel like I am plodding my way uphill after being at the bottom for so long.  Previously, I have kicked off the gray fog that lingers down there and raced up the hill to the peak.  This slow, plodding pace seems much safer.  I seem less likely to fall down the hill again if I am going slow enough to see where I am putting my feet.  I know that I probably will fall down this hill again at some point…but being stable for a while would be nice.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on March 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Good news from the doctor”

  1. Sounds awesome. I’m glad that you’re being so positive right now.

  2. YAH for positivity! And congrats on the 30 lb weight loss and eating more healthily! I’ve had bronchitis before and it’s so not fun. *hugs* For me, it was because I was run down. Not eating/sleeping/exercising right. Sounds like you are doing all that, so all the best with the allergist appt!

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