Really body? Would you give me a break?


As you all know, I have been sick since Wednesday.  I have my voice back!

Only one problem.  Yesterday, when I was coughing, I managed to make my back go into severe spasms (I call it a muscular pinched nerve because the muscle swells and tightens so much it impinges on the nerve).  I was having radiating pain and tingling in my right arm along with restricted range of motion in my neck.  I hoped that it might get better when I went to sleep and relaxed, but no go.  So after a hot shower this morning, I called a friend to see if he could take me to the ER.  It was a convoluted mess (he doesn’t own a car), but he got here and drove me in my car to the ER.

When this happened last year, they gave me a cocktail of meds: anti-inflammatory, steroid, muscle relaxant, and pain med.  When I talked to the dr about it, he told me they no longer give IV meds if they can avoid it.

[Apparently some idiot woman went to the ER and was given meds, then later went out and was in a fatal car wreck.  Since I know they don’t give certain meds unless you have someone with you, I can only gather that person was an idiot, or she went out after that person took her home.]

So I got a shot of pain meds and a steroid shot along with scripts for the pill form of the cocktail I described above.  So I am not feeling as good as I was then, but I can turn my head further.  Still cannot drive, but I should be able to by Monday afternoon.  🙂

And no one has to worry about me driving anywhere since my friend has my car until sometime tomorrow.  He did take me to get my scripts filled and a quick run by the grocery store before dropping me off.  He was the sweetest person, not even complaining about carrying my big pink leather purse (it’s huge and heavy) all day or bringing my groceries upstairs.  So thank you very much, Shlomi.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciated all you did today and the effort you made to be here for me.  My wish for each and every person reading this is that you have someone you can pick up the phone and call in a situation like this.

I know I still owe the informational post that was supposed to be on Friday.  I will try to write it tomorrow.  It all depends on how all of the meds effect me.

I hope everyone else is healthier than I am this week.  I figure tomorrow is the start of a new week and things will be getting better.  🙂  I am concerned about how the meds and all will effect my bipolar, but I am trying to be positive and not go looking for trouble.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 25, 2012.

12 Responses to “Really body? Would you give me a break?”

  1. The best way to handle the meds is to just know thy will work. I know it sounds flaky but it helps me at times when the pain is so great and I cannot imagine anything working.
    I learned the hard way we as humans have a lovely tendency to cause self-fulling prophecies. Fear of continual pain makes more pain and you end up in a spiral. I know I am not telling you anything new, it is just a reminder as I need them myself. Hopefully others can think about it as well.
    Hugs by the hundreds (but please don’t breathe on me. ;-(

    • It would be hard to breathe on you since you live somewhere around 1000 miles away. And I know the meds will work, I am just impatient when I am in pain. 🙂 I am pretty sure you are aware of this. Totally agree about the fear of pain increasing the actual pain.

  2. I LIKE pink. As a nice, strong, man. I don’t get the whole color fetish thing. But ultimately I agree: everyone needs someone they can call on, no matter what. My kids have that in me. My friends have that in me. I only wish EVERYONE would have someone, no matter the relationship, to call upon as needed, no questions asked.

    it’s an honor to help a friend. Always. Now get off the Intarwebs and sleep, you dopehead! 🙂

  3. Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. Poor kid! Bodies like to be schmucks sometimes. I hope yours stops being a rebel and allows you some peace.

  5. My neck muscles went into spasm this time last year and OW! I’ve never felt anything so painful. I couldn’t turn my head more than a couple of cm. My physiotherapist is my hero! I’m glad you’re feeling a little better. Take care! *hugs*

    • Yep. Sadly, this happens about once a year or so for me. That’s why I knew the cocktail I needed. It was a little lower this time, so I could turn my head slightly farther than last year, but not enough to drive. Luckily, the medications work well and I am able to function now. 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind wishes!

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