Tattoos, friendships, and whining

One of my best friends wants to get a tattoo.  She and I have talked many times about what she wants.  I have been working on different aspects of the deign for quite a while.  I still have work to do, not the least of which is deciding on the font for the words.  Be kind as this is a very rough drawing.


She picked the words, but both drawings are my design and drawing.  Do you think there should be any color?  I was thinking about color for the tulip.  I know I need to add shading as well.  I just don’t know what color to use if I was going to use one.  Obviously, my friend will have ideas of her own.  Tulips come in so many colors that I would have a lot of choice for the color.

The upper design will be outlined as a normal tattoo, but there could be shading done there as well.  The entire design should surrounded by a pathway.  I just don’t know whether we can make it look like a dirt path without talking to a tattoo artist.  If we can, I think that would be best.  Brick or gravel is going to take forever!  I just hope that when we get to a final design, my friend and I and the tattoo artist like the look of it and it is a good design.

One thing I have learned with tattoos (drawing them and seeing other people get them) is that just because you can draw something doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate well.  It all depends on how much you want to spend, the time you have, and the skill of the tattoo artist.

Sorry this one is late, but I started getting sick last night, as I told y’all.  I actually called in sick today because I feel much worse.  Since I haven’t been talking to anyone, I wasn’t aware until this evening when I made a phone call that I managed to lose my voice.  Yay.  My head feels like someone blew it up like a tire, then beat it with a baseball bat.  I have gotten less than 6 hours of sleep since noon yesterday.  (Yes, I know I am whining.)  I actually have a point to all of this.  I may be late posting my Friday informational post since my brain is extremely foggy.  This post is probably more rambling than normal because of it.  But I told y’all I would do the art post every week along with the informational.  They might be late, but they will get done.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 23, 2012.

9 Responses to “Tattoos, friendships, and whining”

  1. Where is the tattoo to go? The size will have to be taken into consideration as well. I have seen several of your sketches and really like them.
    If it is 2 intricate it needs to be fairly lrg unless you have some one that does incredible intricate work.
    Think about the dragon your Aba has.

    • Very true. I think finding the right tattoo artist is incredibly important. It will cost a bit more, but it will be worth it.

      Man, reading back over this post, I can tell I was really foggy. Spelling and grammar errors all over the place!

  2. You know i like it a lot :). It’s going to be painful but everything worth going through requires some pain and sacrifice. I want to start doing these already. I’ve got a bunch that I want to get. And it’s a sentiment that I firmly believe in drawn by the person that helped me come to that conclusion. So yay!

    • You are beyond sweet. You know you aren’t getting that one until I am with you, though. 😉

      I am just glad that you have found a path leading toward your Happily Ever After. No matter how many dead ends and wrong turns we might make, there is always a path for us if we look hard enough. Some are lucky enough to have someone else’s path run alongside our own, and some don’t have that opportunity. But each path still leads to each person’s Happily Ever After.

      • or it could be like this cosmic big bang thingy going on where all of the sudden you’re walking… you’re walking… you’re walking and OH CRAPOLA! and you’re walking and you’re walking. just saying…

        see- my craziness makes you smile through your cold :).

        muwahahahahaha my work here is done.

  3. I hope you feel much better soon.

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