Help me get out of here!!!

Don’t we all feel that way sometimes?  Whether the walls are closing in on us at home or it feels like the crowds are stealing our breath, sometimes we wish we had someone standing by to help get us away from certain situations, to help us remember what’s real, to help us remember to take our medication, or help you wake up when needed.  And sometimes, we want someone to love us unconditionally, help us stick to a schedule, and cuddle us as needed.  All of these needs can be met by a dog.  Some of these needs can be met by a pet.

You might be wondering what the difference is in the previous sentence between dog and pet.  The first set of needs are some of the tasks a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) may be trained to accomplish.  These tasks vary from person to person.  There are websites that tell you more about PSDs, and there are some that help you to find your own partner, such as this site and this one

The second set of needs can be met by a PSD or an emotional support animal (ESA).  Now, the websites referenced try to make it clear who and what a PSD is versus an ESA.  An emotional support animal can be a cat, dog, or other animal.  Due to changes in law, a service animal is limited to dogs alone.    If you want to know more about the definitions and laws covering emotional support animals and service dogs, there is a huge volume of information here.  There is also my favorite site for information on mental health policy in the United States,  On that site, you can find information regarding policy on the use of emotional support animals in no pet housing.

 I know there are a lot of links here, but there is a lot of information out there.  These are the sites that I found most useful and easy to understand and navigate.  As always, I remind you that speaking with your team of caregivers is incredibly important when thinking about requesting an ESA or PSD.  So the next time you think about that wonderful pet you have (or want to have), know that he or she is probably providing more assistance than we might be aware of.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Help me get out of here!!!”

  1. I always wondered why you brought kibble over…

  2. I think a dog would be great for you. here’s the benefits straight off the bat-

    lower social anxiety

    introduce you to people, including nice guys

    get you into social groups

    walking more

    having to care for something outside of yourself- cant be depressed and stay indoors all day when puppy needs to go outside

    excuse to leave uncomfortable situations- sorry, my dog’s gotta pee, i’ll deal with your bullsh– later

    unconditional love

    warmth- dogs make great water bottles

    emotional output- instant person to cry with and give kisses to make it better

    they honestly don’t cost all that much. dating is much more expensive and you get many of the same results.

    instant best friend. not as good as me but someone to be there with you all of the time, no matter what, without issue.

  3. someone to protect you

    someone to make you laugh

    someone to laugh with you

    someone to tell your darkest secrets to

    someone to watch horrible movies with

    someone to dance with

  4. You are really reaching out these days. I am glad to see it and hope our last conversation was as positive for you as it was for me. Your writing here is something to be shared with anyone who is or has contact with someone that has a “mental disorder”. I have noticed that your site is becoming more popular with each passing day and I really hope others jump in as well.
    Hugs and loads of love being sent your way!

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