Rainstorms and Healing

I’m listening to the rain outside as I sit here.  Around here, rain doesn’t always mean cooler temperatures, but it certainly means the humidity stays very high.

I love the rain. I like listening to the pounding on the roof, soft rumblings of thunder far away, and the soft brushing of rain curtains as the wind blows it around.  I like watching the pyrotechnic displays, the water dripping down the window, and the grayness it casts over everything.  And I love the smell of rain.  I love everything about rain.  Even when I get soaked in it, I still love the feeling against my skin.  I guess the only time I complain is when I am on my way somewhere and won’t be able to change.

Rain helps me relax.  It also makes me think about how cleansing it is and washes away so much.  But it also stirs up the dirt, moving it around so we see different things in new places.  I feel like my brain needs a good rainstorm sometimes: wash away some of the long-standing negative thoughts, reveal new positive or negative idea and memories.

I have had some rainstorms in my time.  Some were positive, caused by a great new experience.  Others were negative, caused by severe pain and sorrow.  In the long run, though, cleaning up after the storm has helped my mind and my soul.  Picking up the rotted limb that finally broke in the tempest and getting rid of it.  Finding a gem in the damaged garden that had been buried in the dirt.  I hope that I will continue having rainstorms, even if they are terrifying and hard to get through sometimes.  Asking for help after a rainstorm can be pretty scary, but it helps to clean and heal the forest of my mind.  My therapist, family and best friends are always willing to help me dig my way out, helping me to heal along the way.

Having one rainstorm after another is hard on you, but it also heals the drought-ridden portions of your heart.  As painful as a flood might be to your mind and emotions, it waters your soul, allowing the healing and growth to begin.

Do you have rainstorms?  Do you call them something else?  What cleanses your heart and mind?  Who do you go to for help?


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “Rainstorms and Healing”

  1. thoughtful metaphor

  2. Really beautiful post. Beautiful writing. And it has rained all day today! I let the music of the downpour on my tin roof be a backdrop for meditation, and just simply being.

  3. I love this metaphor. And it needs to rain a lot more here. I love the sound it makes, the feeling of peace and calm and- you’re right- cleansing.

  4. Thank all of you for the compliments. They got me thinking and that is why I wrote my next one, so thanks again!

  5. That’s one lovely metaphor. I must admit to loving (literal) rainstorms. As for the figurative ones…at the time I usually feel washed out, but afterwards…afterwards I feel raw, but cleansed 🙂

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