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Okay, Friday is almost over and I haven’t posted anything informative so this is going to be quick and dirty.  I might add personal information later, but for now, I found a website that is run by a psychiatrist named Dr. Phelps.  He has some absolutely great information.


In particular, I found this interesting:  http://www.psycheducation.org/hormones/Insulin/exercise.htm

Now, I have never been a big person for exercise, no matter how frequently the doctor has told me that it will make me feel better.  Since I have a lot of structural problems from my lower back to my feet that cause pain, the thought of exercise makes me cringe.  This is making me take another look at my habits and how I can change them.


I wonder sometimes if the pain that I suffer from is actual pain or caused by my depression.  There’s also the concept that it is hard for me to get going some days…or weeks.  I almost always make it to work, but then it is back to bed and my laptop.  I know for a fact that the lack of movement affects my hips if nothing else.  Even the pain doesn’t motivate me to get up and do.  A walk with a friend would not only provide me with exercise, but time in the sunlight and time to talk with a friend about what is going on with both of us.  All of this is truly important for my health, both mental and physical.  Since I only have one close friend here in town, I might be able to make this a habit on the weekends, but during the week is much harder.  Since I work 2nd shift, most walking groups meet either in the morning or in the evening.  Both of these time slots are inconvenient or impossible for me to make.  We do have a beautiful campus where I work.  I will talk to a coworker about walking on our lunch hours.  It might not be in the sunlight, but it is walking.

I know that, for me personally I have multiple reasons to be out in the sunlight on a daily basis.  Because I work 2nd shift, my sleep patterns are easily disturbed.  I don’t find it hard to sleep when there’s light out, I find it hard to sleep when I get off of work.  Since there is nothing preventing me from staying up all night, I tend to do so.  I have worked 3rd and 2nd shift for years.  It is actually harder for me to sleep at night.  I am also fully aware that lack of sleep is not good for anyone with bipolar disorder.  If I was walking and getting some sun, I would probably be able to sleep better.  I also have very low vitamin D levels.  Even though I take a supplement, it is always best to get your vitamins naturally.

So what about you?  What keeps you from exercising?  Is it something that is a true barrier or is it like mine…an excuse to avoid something new?


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 2, 2012.

11 Responses to “Quick and Dirty”

  1. We currently have a series of TV ads screening here about depression and fronted by a sports star. One of the things he comments on is how exercise helps release endorphins (the ‘happy’ hormones 🙂 And physical tiredness helps you sleep. (And being fitter has all these other lovely benefits – cardiovascular, etc.) So I think going for a walk is definitely beneficial. Plus…according to my nutritionist, the sunshine helps your melatonin levels, which you need for sleep, and your Vitamin D levels.

    As for fitting it in…sometimes I get overwhelmed with what I have to do. The fact I haven’t visited people’s blogs, accounts I have to sort, etc. and the easiest thing to let slip is exercise. The thing is, I’m the only person who will truly look out for me. And I do feel better while out for a walk. I think way too much. When I’m exercising I can just…be.

    I like the idea of asking a coworker to go for a walk with you. Even 15 minutes would be good. I walk with a neighbour on the weekends – having someone to talk to makes it interesting. During the week, after struggling, I bought myself an iPod Shuffle. Now my favourite (up-beat – because slow songs would make me walk slowly 🙂 songs come with me. The trick for me is having a schedule. I stick to schedules like glue 🙂 But then I have OCD tendencies, so that’s par for the course 🙂

    The pain is a tricky one. Maybe check it out with your doctor the next time you see him/her and perhaps ask for a referral to a physiotherapist? Just a thought. They can start you off slowly and carefully. I’ve done that for my wrists. I can’t lift weights as my wrists are so weak, so I just have a band. Slow and steady.

    Good luck! *hugs*

  2. Orannia, you always make me feel your caring and kind heart. I definitely need to work on all of these issues. As for seeing the doctor, it is at the top of my list once I can afford it. Some of the pains are well-known to me while others are new and need to be examined.

    I do need to see about getting some sort of MP3 player so I can walk on my own. I do like a lot of upbeat songs that would be fun to walk to. Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. One tiny little thingy- you got your days mixed up hon 🙂

    I think exercise would be awesome for us both. How does your body feel after swimming? It’s a low impact exercise but it burns a ton of fat and calories. I’m thinking that I need one of those endless pools here someday. I think walking with your co-worker would be a great idea on your lunch break.

    If you were here we could go on a snowshoe expedition to go get chocolate this morning :).

    I think walking with your friend on the weekends would be good for you both. Also, furthering your talks with your doctor about a companion animal would probably greatly benefit you.

  4. That guy’s idea about walking 7.5 minutes in any direction and then walking home is actually a really good idea. How about the next time we’re on the phone? We’re usually on for an hour or so, so how about if during that time we’re both ready to walk and we do that? It’s only 15 minutes. Sounds pretty simple…

  5. Hey there – I didn’t find an “about” page to make note there, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you!

  6. absolutely nothing, except an impromptu trip to the emergency veterinary clinic, keeps me from exercise. 🙂 x

    • That is actually why a therapy pet has been recommended for me. Since I tend to isolate when I am depressed, a dog would be something to get me out of the house and get exercise. Maybe when the current crisis I am having with my finances is resolved, I might be able to afford a dog. I would have to pay for insurance as well as food and the like. I will not have a pet that I cannot take to the vet. 🙂 I also need to find out from my apartment complex whether they will still make me pay the pet fees, including a monthly charge. 😦 I know that I could have a therapy pet even if they didn’t allow them, but I need to find out if I have the letter from my doctor if I can get out of at least some of the fees.

      Hope you and Gwendolyn are doing well and the trip to the vet wasn’t recent.

      • the impromptu vet was, unfortunately, recent (and consistent over the last four years, haha): http://nicoleandgwendolyn.com/2012/01/08/gwendolyns-hospital-emergency/.

        i so hope that you will get a little smushie mouth very soon! she literally breathed life into me. we are off to our “mommy and gwendolyn friday night date” in just a tad, but we just wish to say goodnight to you first. xxx

      • Nicole, you are beyond sweet. I will have to go back and read that part of your blog. I do follow you and enjoy your posts.

        As for the therapy pet, I am working on that among many things right now. I have learned, though, that there is always something new to work on. I am not saying that it is a bad thing. At least I always have a reason to wake up in the morning. I might have a hard time getting up, but I do have reasons. 🙂

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