Ick! I hate this feeling…

For the last couple days I have been feeling nauseous off and on.  It is hard for me to know what is causing the issue.  My doctor just increased my lithium levels, so that is a possible cause.  My allergies are worse than normal, so that could also be a cause.  Ad in the fact that my eating habits lately haven’t been the world’s best since I have such money issues and you get a really confusing set of possible reasons for being sick.  The financial stress isn’t good either.


Very confusing and unhappy-making!  So tonight I actually got sick.  Not a whole lot, but some.  And there were what appear to be little streaks of blood.  Very upsetting.  So I will definitely be calling my psychiatrist’s office in the morning to discuss the med change.  On top of that I will probably be seeing my GP.  Since I don’t particularly enjoy seeing doctors and really cannot afford it at this time…My stress level is about to get a lot higher.  Add in the increased physical pain over the last months, and I feel like life is taking out my knees, yet again.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on February 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “Ick! I hate this feeling…”

  1. Yes that is cause for alarm when you see blood coming from your stomach. I’d try and get in with the Dr asap

    • Thank you so much for your caring thoughts!

      Since I have had ulcers in the past, my meds have changed, my allergies are so bad, and I took Excedrin last night it could be any of those things or a combination. I will be calling my GP and my psych tomorrow. One of my friends is a CNA and my Mom used to be an LPN. They both would tell me to see the doc as soon as possible. The only reason I didn’t go to the ER is because it was such a small amount. If it gets any worse, I will definitely be going to the ER immediately.

  2. Let me know what happens. I work this afternoon but you know that you can always text me.

  3. I’ll do a batch of cooking. You bring the tupperware, I’ll fill ’em with healthy meals. K? thanksbyebye…

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