I said I would post something artistic on Wednesdays, so here goes:


Steps dreamed not taken good bad indifferent
dreams nightmares how do they differ?
waking in cold sweat pouring after a hard day’s work work work never done
never finished unfinished unpolished diamond in the rough or
a simple piece of coal just to be burnt bright
fire burning keeping you warm or searing your flesh
do we decide which it is or does G-d does Fate does Chance?
fire destroys and warms water gives life and drowns
dichotomy living each day wrong right left behind always left behind
the rest unwanted undesired no love lost here no love at all
a heart shattered before awakening wake up
wake up wake up sleeping beauty not
a true fairy tale with monsters demons a not-so-happy ending
ending everything sounds easy sometimes impossibly selfish
the mind of a child in absolutes
if-then proof taught but not to the heart meant
geometry doesn’t apply to life shouldn’t apply to life
Life love and happiness all dreams all Greek to me
will no one ever understand the child wanting
simplicity even as the mind sees the complex
mind heart soul torn between decide
decide already and quit playing games with my head, G-d
vegetable animal or mineral twenty questions never answered
prayers answered in the silence of cacophony listen
listen listen intently to hear the still small voice shrieking with pain and
pleasure slaves sold two for the price of one
am I only one or am I two is this voice me or another or G-d or illness what?
dreaming waking sleep walking until time runs out and time passes me by
dreams dreamed not done and things done not dreamed resulting an angry fate or an angry me?

This poem is better spoken than read, although the essence comes across either way.   I am sure that you can ready this and see that it was most likely that I was in a fairly high place on the emotional spectrum.  Currently, I am pretty low on the spectrum, although I did manage to accomplish a very important phone call Tuesday.  I have other calls to make Wed. that I hope to complete as well.I wrote this years ago, but revisited it recently to share with a friend.  Oddly enough, I find incredibly hard to write poetry when I am depressed.  I have done it, but I prefer to write poetry that is not as dark as that.

I hope this poem finds you all pursuing your dreams, whether they be ephemeral or concrete.


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on January 18, 2012.

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