Some titles and ideas.

Since I have been artistically productive if not physically productive, I thought I might share a few of the titles I came up with (and the ideas behind them if possible).

As many of you know, I often write romance and other stories that are not appropriate for everyone.  Since I do feel that there are a lot of things people can learn from this blog, I will be self-censoring so as not to have to have someone else do it for me.

Some sort of Geek series: I am thinking contemporary and humorous for this series.
A Geek’s Job is Never Done
It’s all Geek to Me
Geeking Tom
The Geek in Charge

Some sort of Construction series:
Deconstructing Love:   A long-term couple that feel like they are losing the spark…they need to remember what brought them together.
Life’s Construction Zone:   Guy’s had a really hard life, but when his sister runs off, leaving him with his 5yo nephew he has to clean up his act and get it together…And falling for his boss isn’t the best way to start…
Remodeling My Heart:   Widower that finds a new love, but is afraid to get hurt again.
Warning Signs:   Man is in an abusive relationship but hiding it when his best friend starts to figure it out and tries to protect him, falling for him in the process.
Slow Speed Ahead

War series:
Casualties of War
To the Victor
Hearing the Stories
The Military Solution
Patriotic Tears

Angels and Demons series:
The Lies of Angels
The Truths of Demons

Single titles:
Geometry Doesn’t Apply to Love 
Answers in the Cacophony of Silence  
Borrowed Against Tomorrow’s Hour
The Only Contestant in the Human Race 
Shards of Heartbreak
Losing the Rat Race
The Dangers of Enthusiasm
This Spice Isn’t for Everyone
Lies Sweet Devotion
Sleeping My Way Through Life
Accomplishing Silence
The Audacity of imagination
A True Fairytale:  Monsters and Demons

It might help you understand my condition if you know that I came up with all of those in the last 24 hours.  Additionally, there are a lot more titles and fleshed out ideas for many of the stories.  I have also written on my current novel and about to write some more.  Maybe I will post an excerpt later.

~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on January 14, 2012.

5 Responses to “Some titles and ideas.”

  1. This was a very nice post. I enjoyed reading your blog today very much.

    Love to write?

  2. Now if only I could channel all of that energy for the days when I can’t get you to write two words 😛

    You know I’m kidding and that I love you. Big Massive Hugs! Congrats on the new blog!

  3. *chortle* I know that burst of energy when the brain spits out ideas like they were going out of fashion. And the frustration when they sit in a notebook for the next… um… while. I have a crime novel, a young adult’s novella, two big teaching projects, a TV show, and various non-fiction books that all need moving on. I imagine we’re not alone.

    • Yeppers. I have so many WIPs that I have a file just for the novels. And that doesn’t include anything that just came up on the titles and ideas. Although I have a construction novel that I wrote that might fit one of the titles. *lol*

      I have good friends, though. They encourage me greatly to actually finish things without putting a lot of pressure on me. Finding the right people to be around has made a huge difference to me. I know that there are people that used to be in my life that I really liked. But they were negative or discouraging in some way. So I made the conscious choice to keep the people in my life that were best for me, and not keep contact with the others. So finding people that will encourage you to complete things is incredible important to me on several levels.

      It does sound like you have a lot of projects, and very diverse projects at that. Good luck with all of them!

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