Excerpt from Purrfect Catch

I told you I would post something from one of my current WIPs, so here you go:

It is a short snippet, but hopefully you like it.

Jace swore.  “From what you are saying, I am guessing that you are not a space-faring species, then?”

“We have entered space, but we have not succeeded in leaving our solar system, let alone crossing galaxies.”  Violet looked proud and sad at the same time.  “We have worked very hard to get there, but are just not up to creating an interstellar drive at this point.”

All of the non-humans in the room began talking rapidly to each other.  Although Vivvie could only catch snippets of what they were saying, it was obvious through tone and body language that these people looked down on them for what they saw as a defect.  Stepping forward, she stuck her chin out and said, “Look, we might not have left our own solar system, yet, but we got into space on our own.  From the mish-mash of technology I saw on our way here and the way your men here were treating their communicators, I am betting you didn’t.  Did the slavers let down their guard when harvesting your planet and end up leaving a ship or two when you killed the ship’s crew?””

Ichak was shocked by this woman’s bravery and accuracy.  “How can you know our history?  Are you a Drasta of some sort?”


“A Drasta can see what will be.  She can see where the future might lie and guide our footsteps on the path,” Pallivere, one of the councillors leaped forward to explain.  His excitement was palpable as he reached toward Vivvie.

Leon knocked the man’s hand away, but Vivvie never even flinched.  She locked eyes with Ichak.  “No, I am not some sort of Drasta or seer.  But we have imaginations on my world.  We dream and write and sometimes, what we write comes true by showing others how to dream.  We dreamt of space flight for years before we achieved it.  We might not have left our solar system, but we dreamed of it for even longer.  We even dreamed of you!”


~ by theartistryofthebipolarbrain on January 14, 2012.

One Response to “Excerpt from Purrfect Catch”

  1. Mmmmm the yumminess of it all….

    Now get back to writing!

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